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Climate Controlled Storage

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Climate-Controlled Storage

In Mobile, we have the four standard seasons, and that means winters get cold--sometimes down to freezing temperatures--and dry, and summers get hot and humid. It can be nice living in an area like this and enjoying the changes in the weather. It also means that at home, during the summer you’ll often have your air conditioning on, and in the winter, you’ll have the heating on.

The thing is that these weather swings can affect your belongings as well. Heat can warp metal, especially in electronics, and cold can cause wood and other materials, like paint, to crack. Humidity can encourage mold and mildew and can dampen art, documents, and wood, while dry weather can dry out and harm the same items.

That’s why we offer indoor, climate-controlled units. Climate control is essentially AC, heating, humidifying, and dehumidifying for a storage space. It keeps the temperature and humidity within a safe range for your things, year-round. These units do rent for a little more than standard units. However, if you’re storing during the summer or winter, or long-term, it’s the best way to protect the integrity of your things for years to come.

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