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How To Rent A Storage Unit

Admin | May 29, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Anytime Storage provides a step-by-step guide for renting a storage unit.

When you need more space for your personal things, business inventory, oversized tools, or vehicle, self storage provides exceptional value. Storage space has a lower rent per square foot than residential or commercial space. It's a wonderful method to grow your business, store out-of-season things, or keep items you don't use every day. In this guide, we will be covering how to rent a storage unit.

What Are The Steps for Renting a Storage Unit

  1. Assess what you need to store
  2. Pick a location
  3. Select your storage space
  4. Rent a storage unit
  5. Receive important information

1. Assess what you need to store 

First, figure out what you need to store. If it's smaller items, like you are downsizing your home and need to store an extra bedroom, a 5x5 may work best to store an entire room comfortably. If you are storing away clutter in your garage space, a larger 10x15 unit may be necessary. It's always important to look at what storage options are available in your area. 

2. Pick a location.

Look into and compare nearby storage facilities. Consider the location, features, promotions security, and rental rates. Depending on your needs special features make renting a unit a lot easier. Some storage facilities are equipped with smart entry allowing you to easily come in and out in a breeze. This removes the inconvenience of manually reaching out or opening your car door to enter your code into a physical, digital pad. Companies using Noke Smart Entry systems also let tenants open their storage facility without purchasing a lock. They can lock and unlock their unit using the app. On hot days look for indoor storage units. This removes the hot Arizona heat running your storage experience by giving you a cool climate-controlled experience when moving your items. With climate controlled storage units it protects sensitive items that are sensitive to heat.

3. Select your storage space.

After choosing a property, select a storage unit depending on size and kind. Sizes range from little 5x5 to extra-large 10x40 and 20x40 units. Choose between a climate-controlled indoor storage unit or a drive-up unit, which allows you to park immediately in front of your space for convenient loading and unloading. Think about items that would need to be dissembled like a bed or table for easier transportation and long-term storage

4. Rent a storage unit.

Depending on the storage facility, you can rent your unit online and in person.

Online Rental

At Anytime Storage you can rent using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Online rentals provide flexibility outside office hours, allowing you to book your storage unit and move in during gate hours. Some locations may provide online-only deals. Contact the storage facility's representative to learn more about that location.

In Person

Call the property to see if they have on-site managers. Before arriving, bring your state-issued ID and be prepared to acquire storage renter's insurance unless you already have it under your home's insurance policy. Review and sign the rental agreement with the on-site manager. 

Remember that the day you sign up is your first rental day. Some rentals are prorated from that date, meaning you won’t have to pay for days you don't use.

5. Receive important information.

After finishing setting up you will receive:

Gate code Required for property access.

Insurance details include coverage amounts and conditions. 

Rental Agreement, Rent due dates (often on the first of the month), and late payment terms.

To ensure a positive experience, pay your rent on time, be courteous when using the storage space, and avoid keeping forbidden items.

Rent With Anytime Storage

Renting a storage unit is easy and convenient. Follow these methods to get the best storage space for your needs. Ready to start? Visit our website or call us now to get the perfect storage solution!

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